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Dealing with tax woes, especially from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is a force to be reckoned with. When the notice comes from them, it is very likely that you really have some irregularities with your tax account. That is why, as a taxpayer, you should be mindful of your taxation matters and acquire the help of a Mid Florida IRS lawyer to stop things from getting worse.

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If the IRS sent you a notice for an alleged tax problem, it is best not to panic and ask help from the professionals instead. Note, though, that it always pays to be extra careful when seeking this type of assistance. The next best step you can do is ask a legitimate person directly to help you deal with the matter and avoid becoming more miserable. With this, you will need a skilled IRS attorney to guide you on what course of action to take.

For legitimate and professional IRS tax legal support, Defense Tax Partners is a law firm that offers professional legal services through our IRS lawyers. We are arguably the most reliable Mid Florida, FL IRS lawyers that will pull you out of your tax-related miseries while being sensitive to your financial capacity. With us by your side, we can assure you that you will be confident to face the IRS and settle your problem in the most favorable way.

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Common IRS Issues

Being called upon by the IRS might shock you. But before you jump to conclusions, we must determine first what was stated in your notice to know what further actions we could take.

Here are some common tax problems that taxpayers typically face:

1. Late payment
2. Late filing
3. Inaccurate tax return
4. Unpaid taxes
5. Not filing at all
6. Underreporting income
7. Audits

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These issues are considered major inconveniences, but you can also be summoned due to minor problems. These include unsigned returns, improper forms sequence, overpaying, missing W2 forms, wrong line entries, misdirected tax forms, missing or incorrect Social Security Numbers, incorrect address, and math errors.

Being summoned for multiple violations is also possible, and you could be given penalties as well, which is an additional burden. This is the reason why you should work with a professional IRS lawyer so you can see if you have one or more issues to take care of, ensuring that you will take all the necessary steps right away.

Options for Settlement with the IRS

After recognizing the problem, our job as your IRS lawyer is to ensure that you get to settle your tax problems in the most legal, fast, and effective way.

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Complying with your deficiencies or resolving your problems promptly will help you escape the coldness of jail bars or the heftiness of imposed fines.

As an IRS lawyer, we will look into every possible option and determine what best suits your situation. This way, you can rest assured that your taxation matters will be resolved as efficiently as possible.

Some of the options to settle your dispute with the IRS is through the following:

Offer in compromise. Most taxing authorities tend to accept this kind of offer as a resolution to your tax problem. However, this only happens when the total amount you proposed to settle your tax problem is equivalent to or surpassing your Reasonable Collection Potential.

Full payment. Especially with issues like underpayment or non-filing, it is necessary to pay the full amount indicated on your tax notice to avoid any more trouble. When doing this, it is important to stay calm and professional. Working with an IRS lawyer is even more recommended since they know how to exactly prepare the necessary legal papers and actions.

Payment plan. If full payment is not feasible for your financial situation, donโ€™t hesitate to negotiate with the IRS to set up an effective payment plan. Terms and conditions may apply. It is best to get an IRS attorney’s service since they can handle the negotiations and give you the most appropriate payment plan for your situation.

Double-check tax details. This solution applies to minor issues like incorrect address, math errors, and the likesโ€”double-check whenever you fill-up necessary information to avoid the same mistakes. Simple or honest mistakes may even prove to be burdensome if you are required to submit the same pile of documents or an investigation occurs.

File a bankruptcy. This resolution is not for everyone. There are qualifications that you should meet for you to be able to file for bankruptcy. When you are qualified, the unbearable amount of your back taxes, penalties, and interests that youโ€™re worrying about will be eliminated.

Keep a copy of your IRS record. This is crucial to ensure that you wonโ€™t be scammed for an alleged tax violation. This will also be useful in analyzing all your available options in solving your current tax issue. Doing this will also help in preventing future tax problems.

Best Mid Florida IRS Lawyer

Sometimes, tax allegations cannot be resolved with the aforementioned options. They can go beyond negotiations until, later on, you find yourself in the courtroom against the IRS. This is just the worst-case scenario, but when things end up that way, do not falter because an IRS attorney is the perfect choice for that matter.

Tax Attorneys

Defense Tax Partners houses competitive Mid Florida IRS lawyers that can guarantee favorable results for almost every case. With our training, knowledge, and dedication to the job, we can develop the most effective solution to any taxation problem that you may face. We can prepare all the necessary papers for you, negotiate on your behalf, and even defend you in court.

If you choose us to be your defender in this gloomy situation, we can assure you that things will end in our favor because our attorneys are all adept with the moves of the IRS. Our specialization is in line with the concerns regarding the IRS, so you can expect advanced actions from us. None of the allegations filed against you will ruin your name or credibility.

We are all experienced IRS lawyers who know the pattern of IRS agents very well and make the situation favorable to our side. We have mastered the know-how to take advantage of the statements of the IRS against you. No matter what your supposed violation is, trust that we have what it takes to resolve it for you.

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