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Bonifay IRS Tax Settlement Attorney

Managing your tax affairs alone without the proper knowledge can be worrisome. This is why it is crucial to have someone with professional experience and professionalise on tax matters to guide you.

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Tax responsibilities are complex in nature and will be harder to manage once youโ€™re hit with a financial crisis. If you are having a difficult time paying your back taxes and clearing all allegations filed by the IRS against you, Defense Tax Partners has the best IRS tax settlement attorney to help you out.

Settling your taxes when you are short on funds may seem like a hopeless situation. Every time you fail to do so, the weight on your shoulders and the penalties you have to suffer become heavier. Yet do not despair. Defense Tax Partners is willing to assist you for that matter and secure an efficient negotiation with the IRS to settle your taxes successfully.

At Defense Tax Partners, our esteemed Bonifay IRS tax settlement attorneys will guide and help you come into an agreement with the IRS. We will be with you every step of the process until you completely settle your tax liabilities. We will give valuable advice, prepare necessary documents, and represent you before the IRS. Rest assured, you will get the most favorable results with our attorneys working alongside you.

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How Does Tax Settlement Works?

The process of tax settlement covers a given set of agreements between a taxpayer and the IRS through various available IRS programs. To avail of any of the said programs, the IRS will first screen your financial capability and determine if you are a qualified applicant.

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In tax settlement, there are two categories that your case might fall into. First, a taxpayer is incapable of paying the liability in full amount and will then be required to pay less than the original amount owed.

The second category is where the taxpayer will have to pay the owed amount in full. Our Bonifay IRS tax settlement attorneys at Defense Tax Partners can discuss these two types in a more comprehensive way through a scheduled free consultation.

The following are the tax settlement programs offered by the IRS to help you settle your existing tax liabilities:

1. Partial Payment Plan. This is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that requires the taxpayer to just pay a certain amount from the original amount owed. This partial payment must be given within the agreed-upon period.

2. Installment Agreement. This type of agreement requires the taxpayer to pay back their debt in installments. They have to pay it with interest over a specified period.

3. Penalty Abatement. Through this agreement, the IRS will allow a taxpayer to eliminate his/her penalties. The IRS will decide if the penalties will be fully or partially cleared. The terms and conditions that will apply to the agreement will also be determined by the IRS.

4. Offer in Compromise. This is a tax settlement program where the IRS allows the taxpayer to loan a certain amount of money as a one-time payment to settle their debt. However, entering this program will bind you to strict guidelines and will typically require you to disclose all your financial sources and expenses.

5. Uncollectible Status. In this agreement, the IRS will tag you with an uncollectible status until you overcome your financial hardships. They will technically suspend any collections in the meantime. However, the tax liability will stay as it is, and the interests will continue to accumulate.

Our team of Bonifay IRS settlement attorneys will gladly walk you through each of these options, discussing their pros and cons. With the necessary information and input, we will then professionally determine which option will work best for you.

An Experienced Legal Guide

As IRS tax settlement attorneys, Defense Tax Partners is dedicated to finding efficient ways to help our clients settle their tax liabilities.

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We are also trained to aggressively defend and successfully represent them before the IRSโ€”abiding by the law while putting their interests forward and protecting their rights. This way, we can ensure that we can give them the most favorable outcome possible for their situation.

The tax settlement programs offered by the IRS require screening for a taxpayer to be qualified. As your companion in this journey, we will guide you in choosing the most fitting tax settlement program for you that would save you from an even worse financial crisis.

Before applying for a tax settlement program, we will help ensure that you are compliant with all the tax filing requirements. If you are confused about this and donโ€™t know such requirements, we can always share our knowledge and process them. We will also ensure that you have completely filed all your tax returns. In case the IRS has filed for you, you can always ask for our guidance for any subsequent process.

Reliable IRS Tax Settlement Attorney

Defense Tax Partners is considered by most Bonifay taxpayers as their friend in the field of taxation.

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Our Bonifay, FL IRS tax settlement attorneys are always ready to save taxpayers with tax liability from the brink of despair. As a company dedicated to providing premium quality services, we will do everything to live up to our promises. We guarantee nothing but a committed service worthy of your time and resources!

Our company has the most remarkable IRS tax settlement professionals. Their commendable work ethics and thorough understanding of the tax settlement process are what makes them a cut above the rest. Besides the in-depth knowledge of the Bonifay tax law, we are also familiar with the IRS processes and what actions they would likely take concerning your case.

Equipped with training, knowledge, passions, and professional relationships with all the relevant people, each of Defense Tax Partnersโ€™s Bonifay IRS tax settlement attorneys will represent and relieve you of all your tax liabilities as soon as possible.

Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

Bonifay IRS Tax Settlement Attorney defense tax partners logo 300x65If your tax liability seems too much to handle already, donโ€™t hesitate to seek help at Defense Tax Partners. We are always ready to assist anyone needing our services.

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